Welcome to the Quincy Strategic Plan website!

The Strategic Plan is an effort being undertaken in the Quincy community to formulate a set of strategies that will guide Quincy over the next 10-15 years and help the city grow, adapt, and prosper into the future. 

Strategic planning is a process that many types of entities undertake – not just cities, but also institutions, businesses large and small, foundations, and non-profits. In short, any group that is looking ahead to its future and where it will be in the next decade should be thinking about strategic planning. Why is strategic planning so important for all of these different types of entities? Because no entity exists in a vacuum – it is continually impacted by changes in the world around it. 

A strategic plan helps a city have greater control over its own destiny. This type of long-term outlook provides the city with stability despite changing external conditions, helping to guide adaptation and movement towards creating a diversified and resilient community. 

Your active participation is crucial to the success of this process. Please take a moment to explore the Plan website, and to sign up for the Strategic Plan e-mail. You will receive updates on opportunities to participate in community surveys and information on community meetings. 

Thank you in advance for your participation, your feedback, and your partnership in crafting a Strategic Plan that will move Quincy forward into the next decade and beyond.

Strategic Planning Priority Areas

The city of Quincy identified four priority areas to be addressed in the Strategic Plan – Economic Development, Downtown Revitalization/ Riverfront Development, Transportation/Infrastructure/Safety, and Tourism/Arts/Recreation. While each of these areas faces its own unique opportunities and challenges, they are also all connected to one another. A change in one area will necessarily impact the conditions of another. As such, the Strategic Plan process will look not only at each area separately, but also at their points of connection. 
Economic Development
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