How do we make our Strategic Plan become a reality?

Citizen Champions
Identify leaders to promote different initiatives and projects, and citizens who want to be a part of the implementation process. Find out what motivates people and help them get involved.

City Leadership
Demonstrate the commitment of the city and other public entities to the Plan through promotion, policy changes, and specific plans of action. Public investment attracts private investment.

Civic Partners
Engage Quincy's major businesses and institutions as champions and investors in Plan initiatives that align with their missions and values. They are critical implementers, as well as major beneficiaries of a more dynamic and attractive city.

Community Pride
Market Quincy's assets and plans to current and prospective residents, workers, and visitors. People want to be in a city that is working to make itself great.

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Would you like to be a Citizen Champion? Tell us what motivates you and we'll share ways you can get involved.

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