“Dr, David Anderson has been the best doctor that ever treated me. Most other places they treat you like an assembly line, they are in and out and dont really pay attention to your complaints. Dr Anderson took the time to sit down and discuss my condition and treatment options. Even added some personal non medical related chit chat. That’s how Doctors are supposed to treat a patient. As a friend and a professional.”

- David, 12/10/2008

“I have been a patient in CLUC a number of times over the years, and have found the doctors to be exceptional! Dr. Dave Anderson, my personal favorite, goes above and beyond to give you the best care possible. Dr. Chafin, not to be forgotten, is also an amazing physician.”

- C. Reese, 09/03/2010

“I think all of the Dr.’s at CLUC are great; they actually understand the pain or problem you are having. They don’t look at you like you are just wining about hurting. I have been there, taken my husband, my son and daughter and I would love to have them as a regular treating physician. The nursing staff is limited to what they can do, but I have been treated with respect from all of them also.”

- Mary, 08/03/2010

“Lovely: I have taken my kids to Cheat Lake Urgent Care a few times. The doctors office told me it would be a few days or a week. The ER is to expensive and takes forever. Everytime I have gone here I was in the back with a doctor with a very short if at all wait time. Everyone was nice doctors, nurses, etc. They were good with my kids. The doctor came in treated my children and we were back on our way and I didn’t need to wait hours at an ER or days for an appointment with Peds. I will diffently be taking my children back to be seen if need be.”

- Holly, 11/10/2006